“This song’s (Let it Flow) a beauty for one of those days when words just won’t quit and all you want to do is slide away on a great bass line.”

Alan Cross -

“Having developed his own personal style and with a new album pending, Luke’s subliminal bass tones and his use of layered sounds certainly show the bass in a new light, with his often guitar-like playing style subtly guiding each composition”

Nick Wells - iBass Magazine UK

“He is quite simply an incredibly talented player”

Andrew Powell - Founder of The Gate Magazine -

“(Hypnotic Smash) One of the funkiest bands Toronto has to offer.”

Toronto Sessions 279 - TV show

“This guy’s a nose-to-the-grindstone, eyes-to-the-sky kind of musician. The sounds he makes on his lone instrument are astoundingly unique. With one bass, he’s able to compound a musical quality akin to an entire orchestra.”

Luke Vajsar was an etheric experience of Bass and Rhythm.  Captivating sound!
Trailblazer Productions

Interview on Hungarian website by guitarist Udi Glaser